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Welcome to the TapCrowd website for developers !

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or visit for more information.


TapCreator is a comprehensive platform to build, publish and maintain mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, without the need for technical skills. Marketing managers, designers, communication managers, event organizers and business owners use TapCrowd to create powerful native apps and web apps for their audience. That said, we did not forget about all you developers out there. This section covers the features that TapCreator offers for developers to extend and customize apps built with the platform, and to integrate through RSS feeds or the API for e.g. content synchronisation.


TapTarget is a mobile marketing platform that can easily be integrated into existing mobile apps. Of course TapTarget can also be used in combination with apps created with the TapCreator platform. TapTarget allows you to define mobile campaigns that combine geofences, schedules, segments and actions. TapTarget also includes a user profiling engine to capture user interests. This section explains how TapTarget can be integrated into an existing mobile app.


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